In my humble opinion, there are too many opinions out there. Opinions around what the economy is going to do, where the stock market is headed, what the next inflation print is going to be from China, etc. If one were to do a real study, there will probably be at least one expert taking the opposing view of another with the net effect being that all opinions canceling each other out. Also, both these statements are true: Everyone is right sometime; Everyone is wrong sometime.

What are we supposed to do with all these opinions?

My answer, nothing!

The only thing that I have heard which I believe in is “price is truth”. You can say a stock is undervalued or a stock is overvalued or a stock is fair-valued. The real truth is in its price. A cheap stock can go cheaper and an expensive stock can become more expensive. There is no guarantee from anyone that one or the other is going to happen next, and yes, everything is supposed to go up. Eventually anyway. Or so they say.

My basic strategy is to “follow the market”, sort of be the “tail of the market”. The premise is ┬ábased on the fact that if one latches on to “slow moving trends”, one can make money off these trends. The trend of the market can be up, down or sideways. The “Alternate Trader” model is to play the trend of the market in a risk-mitigated way that delivers returns in multiples of the market’s returns.